Recipes with tantalizing food

Atiya Amzad, a food stylist, a photography coach and a food blogger  has always been passionate about cooking and styling food for her loved ones. Her interest for food art flourished when she opened a cooking group in Facebook, a social media platform named “Let’s try @ home” where, many food enthusiasts joined to share mouthwatering recipes with tantalizing food images. Many of her recipes were published in leading national newspapers. She realized, if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then delish food images are also doing a great job in winning hearts over the internet. She became aesthetically aware in presenting her food preparations and eventually emerged in food photographing. A basic photography course from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute introduced her with the grammar of photography in addition to her excellent photography skill, lighting sense and mesmerizing composition. Her photographs have won many national and international contests and awards. Soon she became a reputed name in photography fraternity in Bangladesh, and worked professionally for different restaurants and food joints. She aspires to publish her own cookbook with her own food photographs.