Soufflé omelette de la Mère poulard

Date: 15-05-2022 Recipe
Soufflé omelette de la Mère poulard

If you know about soufflé omelette you may have heard of the famous 100-year-old recipe from la Mère Poulard in le Mont Saint Michel in France, but what’s the secret? In the time before Paul Bocuse there was an official distinction (la Mere) given to talented lady cooks; “The Mothers of France”. Mère Poulard lived in Mont Saint Michel where her husband, Victor Poulard, a baker, ran a restaurant. The soufflé omelette was both an easy and novel method of feeding tourists visiting the famous Abbey between tides without using complicated ingredients. You can still see chefs beating away eggs in copper pots in restaurants across Mont Saint Michel. It has been described as a soufflé omelette made with crème fraîche and butter. It is a specialty in the Mont-Saint-Michel area of Normandy and the "gastronomic emblem of the city." According to some chefs ,the yolks and whites are beaten separately. The whites are beaten until stiff and folded with the yolks. But I have followed the cooking tutorial and recipe from French Cooking Academy and there the chef has beaten the eggs without separating the white and yolk, because he has done some research and came up with something that made sense to me. He says, it's a quick recipe so 100% chances are there that the chefs that time wouldn't have taken so much trouble to separate the white and the yolk from the eggs and make it more complicated by putting cream or any extra seasoning. Rather they must have done something that would made the process really fast and they could serve the food to the tourists really quick and warm. He also mentioned the way the dish tastes and look, it seems super delicate and must have a secret recipe but actually it's easy and simple like anything!!
So all you need is
- 2 eggs in normal room temp
- salted butter 25 gm
and nothing ????
Some chefs still follow the conventional rules, they use a hand beater to beat the eggs until stiff but using an electric egg beater makes it more easy and accurate within 4/5 minutes and the result is same. I used and electric egg beater . Cook the egg in the butter for 4-5 mins in low heat without covering. Fold it to half. Do not press the fluffy top let it be the way it is , this fluffy foam is the reason its called Soufflé omelette and trust me it's fully cooked and edible now. You'll get the creamy texture in this part . 
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