Mango Malai Kulfi

Date: 16-06-2022 Recipe
Mango Maalai Kulfi / Popsicles
Scrumptious yet super easy making!! See the recipe, we'll need 
Again Very little things required . Fresh mango pulp 1 and half cup, low fat or whipped cream 200 gram, condensed milk 1 cup, half tsp rose water and little drop of red food color (if you want to make layer like mine( but its totally optional), half tsp salt, 2 tbsp finely chopped nuts (optional) and about 2 tbsp milk powder!! Combine everything in a blender and make a very smooth puree!! Pour the mixture in the kulfi case or dice and freeze over night . Done !! Enjoy with family and friends and let me know how it went!!
✓dried milk powder to make it creamy 
✓ condensed milk for the sweetness and to make it creamier 
✓ chopped nuts to give the kulfi nice texture
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