Potato Soup

Date: 18-10-2022 Recipe

Potato Soup, to me it's a nature's tranquillizer.

I add about a cup of shredded beef bacon , fry it in the cooking pan for 2/3 minutes without oil , add 1 big chopped onion and 3 cloves minced garlic , add 25 gram butter , fry them all for more 2 minutes , add 3 tbsp flour ,mix them well and add about 500 gm boiled potato cubes in it ( I boiled the potato cubes separately and drained the water) . Then keep on adding 4 cups of chicken broth, 2 cups of liquid full cream milk, about three fourth cup cooking cream, 1 tsp salt, half tsp black pepper powder and a pinch of paprika powder and let them all boil for 10 minutes putting the lid on in medium low flame. If you want to add raw potato cubes instead of boiled one , you are very welcome ,just boil in the broth until they are well softened .

After that 10 mins , I separate the soup from the other solid things inside the pot and keep the soup aside and let the solid stuffs cool down. When it is no more boiling hot , I just use my blender to blend all the solid stuffs until it becomes a smooth paste .

Now I simply mix the paste with the soup that has been separated previously . I give it a good mix and check if the salt is ok, if needed I add add a bit more. Now adding another 25 gm butter in the soup I cover the lid and turn off the stove ,wait for 5 minutes and walaa!! It's ready!!

I love this soup with my home made Croutons ,and for garnishing I love adding some chili flakes and micro greens on top of the Croutons !!

Easy and Simple!! ????

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